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RPM Services


Services RPM offers include (but, as the saying goes, are not limited to) the following:


Advice & Consulting – program and initiative design & delivery

Project Management – qualitative (such as focus groups) and quantitative market research (eg. large-scale surveys)

Customer (or Partner) Journey Mapping and Customer Experience – identify ways to optimize experience and satisfaction

Process Evaluation including Developmental Evaluation – measuring performance and generating ideas to improve design & delivery

Stakeholder Facilitation – gathering input and feedback from those involved with or affected by an initiative

Literature Reviews & Environmental Scans – mining existing non-proprietary data and learning

Organizational Services – vision and mission statement creation, resource allocation


Here are just a few objectives for which we’ve been successful:


Characterize residential and business markets to understand the size and profile of the opportunities

Inform strategies by gaining insights into customer and partner problems, needs and desires

Position initiatives to avoid duplication and customer confusion and optimize success

Achieve awareness and interest by linking initiative goals and features to target audience priorities

Craft persuasive messaging that levers core motivations and addresses significant barriers

Identify opportunities to continuously improve initiatives through quantifying the customer experience and the way the initiatives are viewed by the market

Track progress in market transformation through monitoring values and attitudes