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Advice & Consulting

We offer four broad types of advice & consulting:


What to do – What questions should I be asking? Should I do market research at all or is there a better way of answering my questions?

How to do It – When is the right time to do market research? What kind of market research should I do – surveys, focus groups or something else? How do I achieve balance between time and budget constraints and having valid, reliable, actionable results? How should I go about finding the right market research company?

What it means – What do I do with this report (or, even worse, all these numbers)? What’s meaningful and what’s not? How do I put them in terms stakeholders will understand or that I can condense into three top takeaways?

What to do now – now that I understand the results how do I make use of them? What communications and implementation strategies do I employ? How can I ensure they are acted upon (without managing it myself)?


If you want a subject matter expert – for example as a go-between with a market research company, to make sure they understand your objectives and what will happen with the results, to review market research (or other) data or reports and bring expertise to interpreting them and making sensible and actionable recommendations - we do that.


If your organization is looking to expand into the energy sector or looking to serve a new segment of the energy sector and needs foundational advice RPM can provide that.