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Market Research Project Management

We manage market research and related assignments ourselves from initial consultation to defining objectives through reporting results.


RPM has a suite of experienced partners to provide operations and ancillary services. That means we are not locked into using the same internal resources for everything. We work with the provider that best fits the project's needs.  If it is your preference then yes, we can partner with a partner of your choosing on a project or act as a subcontractor.


Here are some of the types of projects we manage:


Qualitative (focus groups, etc.) The success of qualitative research depends on people. The focus group moderator should know enough about your industry, situation and issues to know when to, and when not to, drill down for deeper insight. The moderator should also understand enough about the energy sector to understand not just what participants say but what their answers mean.


RPM staff have moderated well over a hundred focus groups and conducted many individual in-depth interviews. Our experience includes both consumer and business projects.


Quantitative (surveys, etc.) There are five steps to a successful survey:

  1. Understanding your situation, issues, questions and objectives
  2. Designing a survey that meets your needs
  3. Quality control to ensure the survey is implemented properly – this is more important than people realize – quality is more than just the number of people in the survey.
  4. Analysis to tease the insights out of the results
  5. Reporting and recommendations so that you and anyone else understands the results, what they mean and why the recommendations are being made


RPM has many years of hands-on experience at survey design, management and at communicating market research results.


We often use our QEMB model (pronounced ‘Quimby’) as a starting point, to elicit the target audience:






for example:

Is it a need or a want?

Is it spending resources to improve things or stop them from getting worse?