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Organizational Services


Market research is pretty motherhood – who doesn’t want evidence-based decision-making or risk-management? But it’s also one of those terms that means different things to different people. And one of those areas that can plod along very nicely consuming resources without really adding much value.


How can market research add the right kind of value in your organization?


Vision & Mission: Why should market research exist in your organization at all and what should be its focus? RPM can help define or refine vision & mission and allocate effort on input to strategic planning, validating and course-correcting tactics and other benefits.


Implementation: How to get the support you need – as a methodology-agnostic organization RPM has no vested interest in specific market research models, skillsets or techniques. We can work with you to determine how best to integrate market research into your organization.


Resourcing: staffing, outsourcing, budget development, etc – There is no single ‘right’ model for resourcing market research. 

Bob Collins has managed market research areas for organizations that had a dozen full-time market researchers and ones that had 0.5 FTE’s, ones that had seven-figure budgets and ones with no dedicated market research budget at all.


RPM can help identify a right-sized resourcing model that will produce the best results for you organization.