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Process Evaluation


Process evaluation uses standard market research techniques to determine the effectiveness of program design and delivery and to make recommendations for its evolution.


The newest buzzword in the evaluation industry (well, second-biggest after 'Evaluation 2.0') is Developmental Evaluation.


After years (decades?) of evaluators arguing that they should be involved from the inception of programs they have created that label. If you google it you'll see it is what market researchers have been doing all along. So whether you want to call it market research or developmental evaluation, RPM has a wealth of experience and expertise.


See the Project Management page for thoughts on those techniques.


Data integration

RPM has a great deal of experience at blending market research results from a variety of techniques with information from customer databases to determine not just how well each element worked but also the opportunity cost or other effect.


For formal impact analysis RPM will partner with a firm - of our choosing or yours - that specializes in those kinds of calculations.